His Grace, Bishop Gerald of Van Nuys Directory of Eparchial Offices

His Grace, Gerald N. Dino, Bishop

Pastoral Center
8105 North 16th ST
Phoenix, AZ 85020
Phone: 602-861-9778 - Fax: 602-861-9796

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Closed: All Holydays and Civic Holidays




Rt. Rev. Wesley Izer

College of Consultors

Very Rev. Kurt Burnette, JCL

Very Rev. Joseph Hutsko

Rt. Rev. Wesley Izer

Very Rev. Robert Pipta

Rt. Rev. Francis Vivona

Rt. Rev. Stephen Washko

Presbyteral Council

All priests having a pastoral assignment within the eparchy

Secretary, Presbyteral Council

Rev. James Lane

Judicial Vicar:

Finance Officer:

Adm. Secretary:


Rev. Michael O'Loughlin, Assistant Director

Deacon James Danovich

Director of Ecumenical Affairs:

Eparchial Censor

Director of Religious Education:

, Asst. Director

Director of Evangelization:

Rt. Rev. Joseph Stanichar

Bishop's Appeal:

Eparchial Tribunal:

2120 Lindell Road
Las Vegas, NV 89180 
Phone: 702-873-5102 
Fax: 702-873-5104

Judical Vicar:

Adjutant Judical Vicar

Very Rev. Kurt Burnette, JCL

Promoter of Justice:

Rev. Peter Romeo, JCL

Defender of the Bond:



Rev. Kevin McAuliffe


Mr. Stephen Casmus, MA
Rev. Kevin McAuliffe

Mr. Paul Kilroy

Director of Communications:

Save Environment Coordinator:

Pro-Life Coordinator:

Rev. Lee Perry

Victim's Assistance Coordinator:

Rosemarie Ludwig, Ph.D.

Comissions / Departments:


Director of Ecumenical Affairs:

Building Commission:

Msgr. George Vida

Deacon John Montalvo

Mr. Kevin Kowalchuck

Finance Council:

Mr. James Danovich

Sister Alphonsa Danovich, OSBM, Assistant Finance Officer

Liturgy and Music Commission:

Mr. Basil Rabayda, Jr.

Commission for the Implementation of Particular Law

Rev. Kurt Burnette, JCL


Web Comments

Youth Commission

Very Rev. Joseph Hutsko
Rev. Robert Rankin

Other Directories

Last Updated 01/12/2009


Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Van Nuys

Eparchial Chancery - 8105 North 16th Street - Phoenix, Arizona 85020

Phone: 602-861-9778 - Fax: 602-861-9796

Website: eparchy-of-van-nuys.org

Web Comments:


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