The Byzantine Church in the West:

the Eparchy of Van Nuys

A Historical Outline

1956 -St. Mary Church, Van Nuys, established.
1957 -St. Nicholas Church, Anchorage, established.
1958 -St. Nicholas Church, Fontana, established.
-Holy Angels Church, San Diego, established.
1968 -St. Stephen Church, Phoenix, established.
1969 -Annunciation Church established in Anaheim.
-St. Macrina Church established in San Mateo.
1971 -St. Philip the Apostle Church established in Sacramento.
1974 -Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church established in Albuquerque.
-Holy Protection Church established in Denver.
-St. Melany Parish established in Tucson.
1977 -St. Gabriel Mission established in Las Vegas.
1979 -SS. Cyril & Methodius Church, Spokane, established.
1981 -First permanent diaconate ordinations held in West when Bishop Emil Mihalik of Parma ordained Michael Hladky of Van Nuys and Michael Savko of Anaheim at St. Mary Church in Van Nuys.
1982 -Eparchy of Van Nuys established with territory taken from the Parma Eparchy. 
-Bishop Thomas Dolinay installed as 1st Bishop of Van Nuys. 
-Bishop Dolinay ordains Richard Wortman as first permanent Deacon to be for the new Eparchy of Van Nuys. 
-Las Vegas Mission become St. Gabriel the Archangel Parish. 
-St. Thomas the Apostle Mission established in Gilbert. 
-Basilian Sisters arrive in Van Nuys to staff Chancery and Cathedral.
1983 -Basilian sisters withdraw from the Diocese of Van Nuys.
1984 -Bishop Emil Mihalik of Parma dies.
1985 -St. Macrina Church in San Mateo closed.
1986 -San Jose / Palo Alto Mission established.
-San Luis Obispo Mission established.
-Monsignor George Kuzma of Anaheim appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Passaic.
1987 -Bishop George Kuzma (Anaheim) consecrated Auxiliary Bishop of Passaic.
-San Jose / Palo Alto Mission becomes St. Basil the Great Parish.
-Seattle Mission becomes St. John Chrysostom Parish.
-Northridge home purchased as site of future Chancery.
1988 -Bishop Dolinay ordains William E. O'Brien as the first priest for the Diocese of Van Nuys in Pottstown, PA.
1989 -First priestly ordinations held within the Diocese of Van Nuys take place:
-James Barrand ordained by Bishop John Billock, Auxiliary of Pittsburgh.
-Kurt Burnette ordained by Bishop Thomas Dolinay.
-Chancery moved to Northridge, CA
-Steven Greskowiak ordained by Bishop George Kuzma, Auxiliary of Passaic
-San Luis Obispo Mission become St. Anne Parish.
-St. Thomas Mission, Gilbert, becomes a Parish.
1990 -Bishop Thomas Dolinay appointed and installed as Coadjutor Archbishop of Pittsburgh.
-Msgr. Michael Moran elected Eparchial Administrator.
-Bishop George Kuzma appointed as 2nd bishop of Van Nuys.
1991 -Bishop George Kuzma installed as 2nd bishop of Van Nuys.
-Basilian Sisters Christopher Malcovsky and Celestine Petruska arrive in Van Nuys to help staff Cathedral and Chancery.
1992 -Italo-Greek Vicariate established in Nevada in cooperation with Bishop Daniel Walsh of Reno-Las Vegas.
-Pastoral Handbook for the Eparchy of Van Nuys promulgated.
-Byzantine Brothers of St. Francis in Redlands are given canonical recognition as an Eparchian Community.
1993 -Right Reverend Francis Vivona raised to the rank of Honorary Archimandrite for Italo-Greek Community by Bishop Kuzma in cooperation with Bishop Daniel Walsh of Reno-Las Vegas.
-Metropolitan Archbishop Thomas Dolinay of Pittsburgh and former Bishop of Van Nuys dies. 
-St. John Chrysostom Church in Seattle solemnly blessed by Bishop George Kuzma.
- Eparchial Conference held for the first time with clergy and religious of the Eparchy. 
1994 -Earthquake epicenter in Northridge severely damages Pastoral Center, Bishop's residence, Cathedral Complex. 
-Bishop George Kuzma begins restructuring by moving Eparchial administrative offices to Phoenix in wake of earthquake. 
-Monsignor Alexander Nanko dies in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. 
-Father Robert Pipta, first native born son-born in the West and raised at Annunciation Church in Anaheim--ordained to the priesthood at his home parish by his former pastor, Bishop George Kuzma 
-Basilian Sisters leave Cathedral of St. Mary for St. Stephen Church, Phoenix to open a new convent-2nd in Eparchy - and staff new Pastoral Center and St. Stephen Church. 
-Basilian Sisters Mark Swansinger and Barbara Swindells arrive in Van Nuys to staff Cathedral of St. Mary. 
-Bishop George continues the restructuring program by establishing three new regional vicariates and invests the new syncelli with the pectoral cross of office. 
-Bishop George completes the restructuring by naming new chancery personnel. 
-Eparchial Conference for clergy and religious held in Phoenix. 
-Bishop George invests priests of the Eparchy with pectoral crosses. 
-St. Stephen Church in Phoenix named Pro-Cathedral. 
-Monsignor Judson Procyk, Rector of St. John the Baptist Cathedral in Munhall (Pittsburgh) is appointed the Metropolitan Archbishop of Pittsburgh. 
1995 -Metropolitan Archbishop Judson Procyk consecrated and Installed as third Metropolitan Archbishop of Pittsburgh. Bishop George Kuzma preached a visionary homily at the consecration of the new Metropolitan. 
-Retired Archbishop Stephen Kocisko dies. 
-Metropolitan Hierarchs meet at Pastoral Center in Phoenix. 
-Bishop George Kuzma is approached by men wishing to establish a monastic community. Bishop gives them permission to begin the organizational process.
1996 -Holy Resurrection Monastery, Newberry Springs, CA established as a monastic community
-Rev. Basil Schott, OFM, named Third Bishop of Parma.
-Mr. Michael Durka and Mrs. David Hess ordained to Minor Orders (Lectorate and Subdiaconate)
1997 -Reverend John M. Dorich retires.
-George Vida ascribed into the Eparchy of Van Nuys.
Deacon Michael Durka ordained a priest in Spokane, WA and appointed to St. George Church in Olympia, WA.
-Rev. John Bovankovich dies.
-Sister Madeline Boback, OSBM appointed Administrative Secretary to Bishop Kuzma.
-Sister Madeline Boback, OSBM and Rev. William Skurla appointed Associate Editors of Eparchial Newsletter.
-Subdeacon David Hess ordained a Permanent Deacon for Holy Angels Church in San Diego, California by Bishop George.
-St. Basil the Great Church in Mountain View relocates to Los Gatos, California.
-Reverend Michael Durka ordained to the Presyterate by Bishop George in Spokane, Washington.
-The Lacey/Olympia Outreach is raised to the status of a Mission under the patronage of St. George.
-Bishop George announces his intentions to establish a Shrine to Our Lady of Perpetual Help on the grounds of  St. George Byzantine Catholic Mission in Olympia, Washington as a place for pilgrimage in  the Pacific Northwest.
-Bishop George elevates Reverend Joseph Stanichar to the Mitered Archpriest and the Reverend Wesley Izer, SDB to the rank of Archimandrite.

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